Compasbul is a company for planning, organizing and managing private and corporate events. We work according to your ideas, wishes and goals. As your "personal agent" we will be familiar with the wishes of our clients, way of thinking and interests, we will ensure their implementation in every small detail. We take up the organization of your trip, arranging all your appointments, also ensure and provide smooth running of your seminars, meetings, presentations etc, and do translations and interpretations for you, supporting and assisting to business meetings and events, presentation in front of various institutions, well as legal and tax consulting. We are looking for appropriate possibilities for your investments. In short, we will take over this organisation instead you, we would like to save your time and to ensure, that you can focus on your core projects and commitments - whether for business or pleasure. This is a cooperative from independent professionals ready to realize each one of your purpose.


Honor for us is to welcome you as one of our customers.